Why should you choose Hot Iron, instead of going to the gym?

You like weight training, but you are getting bored with going to the gym?

A HOT IRON class is very similar to weight training in the gym environment with a little bit of difference, that is here, we exercise to music, so when you are getting tired and usually you would stop otherwise, the flow of the team and the party feeling takes forward. During the class and along the training we use weightlifting bars and weights. Everyone participating in the class will take the weights according to the level of their fitness, which decision will be determined and supported by our professional instructor in the room.

Trying HOT IRON for the first time, you should definitely start with small and lighter wights, as at the beginning, you also have to acquire the skill of picking up the weights, putting them down and changing the handle on a safe way, while also ossifying these habits, in order to prevent any injuries from happening. If these are going well and getting more and more easier, then pushing your own limits, you can feel free to increase the weights.

Another specialty and advantage of HOT IRON is the fact, that you will practice the same exercises week by week during the classes, this way also being able to measure and keep track of your own development, and you will feel, that you can increase the weights regularly as time goes by.

At HOT IRON classes, the pulse is always high, meaning, that during the training, your body is not getting the energy from the fat but the carbohydrates, resulting in, that the recovery and the fat-burning after the exercise is a lot more intense, than after any other training.