The positive impact of regular exercise!

Have you ever been thinking, that regular exercise has a lot of physiological effects as well, besides noticeable signs from the outside? 🤔

 Through many different mechanisms, it stimulates the immune system, and places a positive impact on such reactions as inflammations or protecting abilities of the body. 🤭
 Research has found an inversely proportion even between only medium intensity training and risk of diseases! 😎
➡️ Do not overestimate yourself, as overtraining and the not appropriate recovery can be as bad as doing no exercise at all! 🤷‍♀️
 Regular exercise slows down the ageing of the immune system and delays the old-age related dysfunction! 🙏🤗
 We can support our immune system, regular exercise, and healthy lifestyle by keeping good dietary habits as well! 👌
➡️ Do not miss eating dishes rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants! 🥦🍎🍇
(The advices and suggestions are strictly from scientific sources and a well-known professional from the field, Dr Katalin Gőcze.)

Despite the special epidemic situation, let’s not forget, that regular physical activity is one of the basic elements of healthy life, thus, this way it affects the optimal working of the immune response directly and indirectly as well! 😇

Exercise inside, or if you can, outside as well under the fresh air! 😊 Even if a little bit from far away, we are with you and support you all the time! 🤩 #energyboost #pushforward


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