Spinal pain – Would you rather live with it or feel better?

“Instead of exercising regularly, we live with pain, take pills and painkillers, but all this does not make us happy.” – turns out from the current measurements of the National Association of Spine Protectors.

You might feel, that your waist hurts so bad, that you would not even want to move, not mentioning exercise, but there is no such thing worse, than just laying around and taking painkiller pills. It is important to highlight, that the first tool of treating locomotor disorders is movement therapy. If our tissues receive even a small amount of stimulus from exercise, their autotherapy and rehabilitation starts immediately. At the class of Spine Exercise, we engage in simple, basic exercises, which everyone can do independent from age, gender and level of fitness.

In case we are in a luck situation and we do not experience any of the above mentioned symptoms, we must not sit back and do nothing either, as prevention can be especially important. Around those, who have to sit behind the desk at the office all day, back-pain, headache, and fatigue comes very frequently, as it can result in the irregular position of vertebras. Would you like to do something against this and avoid it?

What can you do? Join our Spine Exercise class, which is a complex joint-protecting training and therapy, helping you in order to be able to keep the stability and mobility function of your spine, create the correct body posture and breath techniques, and moderate the locomotor disorders caused by muscle-tensions.

Besides all this, you will feel more comfortable and happy, as during exercise, you body releases endorphins as well.