If You would like to take a cardio training, come to us. Our running machines, elliptical trainer,
and bike are waiting for You!
For use You can buy one occasion or month ticket. Combined season ticket is also available.

Sportdrinks, nutritions!

After the trainings you can choose from a lots of refresher.

Body Composition Inner Scan


If you want us we measure your:
  • Body fat
  • Muscle mass
  • Weight
  • Body water
  • Bone mass
  • Visceral fat
  • BMR & metabolic age

Personal training

We have highly qualified trainers who specialise in all areas of fitness including weight loss, injury rehabilitation, sports training, core and strength training.

Personal training is the guaranteed way to get results more rapidly. Your personal trainer will

  1. Keep you motivated
  2. Improve your technical skills
  3. Ensure every workout counts

Our personal trainers meet high standards of excellence in exercise physiology, nutrition, anatomy, training program development, exercise application, health screening, and fitness assessments.