Saturday, October 11 – OPEN DAY!

Dear Guests!
Do you still feel like you got some free time on next Sunday? 🤗 Well, if this is the case, we have a fantastic idea for you! Come and feel free to join us for a wonderful Open Day at Fitnexx! 😉
🤩☝️As an extra surprise, we are preparing a warm welcome for you with a special discount involved, 10+1 monthly passes! 😊
Participation fee: 500.-HUF

⏱ Sunday, October 11, 2020
9:00 Gymstick
9:50 Bodyform
10:40 Fit Jumps
11:30 Insanity
8:45 Fit Ball
9:35 Cross Training
10:25 Hot Iron
11:15 bodyART
TRX room:
9:00 TRX
9:50 Functional Training
10:40 TRX
ℹ Please do not forget to sign in using any of these:
📞 +36 20 539 00 00
🙋‍♀️ In Person
🌐 Facebook
Feel free to choose from the colorful collection of our classes!
See you there! 😊
Kedves Érdeklődő!:) Nyílt napot tartunk Október 11-én, vasárnap! Kérünk Téged, hogy az órákon való részvételhez jelentkezz be az alábbi űrlap kitöltésével! 3 terem, 10 mozgásforma vár! / Dear Visitor!:) We are organizing an Open Day on Sunday, October 11! We kindly ask you, that in order to sign in for the event, make sure to fil out this short form! 3 room and 10 different fitness classes are waiting for you to try!