Dear Guests!
☝️We are showing our LIVE online classes for the week (Jan 4th – Jan 8th): 
⏱ January 4th, Monday: 17:00 Bodyform with Edit, 18:15 bodyART with Viki
January 6th, Wednesday: 16:30 Insanity with Dávid, 17:30 Bodyform with Edit, 18:30 bodyART with Viki
ℹ You can participate in our online classes using your 10 times season ticket! Please note, that it is very important for you to not forget to sign in for the online trainings via Facebook messenger, our webpage, or calling us!
📞 +36 20 539 00 00
✅ What happens next? A Facebook messenger group will be created (or you receive an email), where you will be able to see all the essential informations, and everything that you need to know!  😊
Feel free to browse our webpage for more online training videos, as there is a lot to see already! Data reconciliation, registration, signing in and you can just use the videos immediately! Many others succeeded already, you will rock it too! 😙
We can not wait for you to begin! 🤗

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Dear Visitor!

We hope with all our hearts, that we can open shortly, but until then, we work hard, so that you can enjoy the ONLINE version of CLASSES as soon as possible, and you can continue with your routine smoothly. So we would like to share the good news with you, our online classes are AVAILABLE NOW!

Would you like to participate in online classes as well? Follow the few easy steps down below, and you can start your training already!  

  1. We kindly ask you, that before registering to the online system, fill this short data reconciliation questionnaire out!
  2. Click on the button Register/Sign in!
  3. Click on the button, „Regisztráció” (Registration), write your name and e-mail address, and we send you the password via e-mail! It is essential, that you feel our your data, that is your name and e-mail address correctly during registration, and that you register with the SAME E-MAIL address now, that you used when making your membership card at Fitnexx!  You registered already? Then just click on the „Bejelentkezés” (Sign in!) button!*
  4. Sign in and enjoy the never-ending flow of videos! 

How does the site work/look like? 

  • Főoldal (Main page) – Here, you can see the videos in a list view, but if you scroll down, you can even receive a more detailed picture about the classes!
  • Bérleteim/vásárlás (My 10 times season tickets/Purchasing) – In case you run out of the occasions on your card, here you have a chance to buy the next one! It is important, that even if you only have a few occasions left, but you would like to buy your new season ticket already, and you did not have a “10 alkalmas ONLINE FITNESS bérlet” (10 times online fitness season ticket) option so far, then you do not click the “megújít” (renew) button, but choose your new “10 alkalmas ONLINE FITNESS bérlet” (10 times online fitness season ticket) from the purchasing new season tickets or “új bérlet vásarlás” row. So far, this is our only type of online season ticket available for purchase.
  • Összes videó (All the videos) – Here you can feel free to choose from a huge variety of collection of classes! If you would like to, you can also search via the type of classes (“óratípus”) using the video tags, or applying “keresés” (search), where you can type the name of the trainers as well!

* If the system would not let you register, or shows an error message, that your email-address has been registered already, do not worry, this only means, that the system recognized, that you are already a member at Fitnexx and your data is already in the system!  Please, in this case, ask for a password reminder or “jelszó emlékeztető”, by clicking on “Elfelejtettem a jelszavamat” or I forgot my password. This way, we can generate a new password for you, using which, you will be able to sign in! 

In our online video system, you can keep track of your current season tickets, but can also buy a new one! The price of the 10 times online fitness video season ticket is 10.000.-HUF. We kindly ask for your patience, as we are still working on the option of being able to pay using a bank card online, this function is not active yet. Until it can start, you can only pay via transferring the money through your bank account. For more information about this, please feel free to contact us and reach out to us any time, and we send you the necessary data and account number for you!

Fulfill you passion to exercise regularly from home as well and choose from a huge variety of collection in our online video system!

You do not know, which one to try yet? Take a look at our descriptions about the classes and decide for your self!

Fitness classes

We can not wait to see you ONLINE!:)