Online bodyform classes with Edit!

You can work and do a lot for your health and body shape at home, in a small place as well! 🤩

What do you need to be successful? 🤔 It is essentially important to be motivated enough, persistent and devoted, so that exercising and moving your body could become a regular habit! 😊 ➡️ The long-lasting smile and party feeling will come intuitively throughout the training, you”ll see! 🤗

Join our ONLINE BODYFORM classes for free, and train with Edit on Mondays and Wednesdays at 5pm! 🤗

In order to be able to participate in our classes, all you have to do is join/enter the following Facebook group:

Dates: April 20th Monday 5pm, April 22nd Wednesday 5pm, April 27th Monday 5pm

Location: At home

We can not wait to see you there! 😊




You need to sign in for TRX, Hot Iron & Fit Ball classes. Please check the timetable before you book! Look for conformation in your Spam folder as well!