Online bodyART class available!

Dear Guests!

If you feel, that the whole “home office” thing and in generally spending time at home is a little bit stressing you out, then you definitely have to try our bodyART classes, in order to let the unnecessary stress and tension go, and eventually be able to feel happy and calm again! 🙂

This type of fitness class is created by physiotherapists and its main purpose and intention is to improve strength and flexibility, and to help in building a functionally healthy body. BodyART also uses special breath techniques and exercise, this way also creating the perfect harmony between relaxation and training.

This class is a great choice in this period of the year as well considering the situation. Make the best out of your day with a complex and conscious fitness class paying attention to every single detail, while you freshen up yourself both body- and mind-wise! 🙂

There are ONLINE DATES available for FREE!

In order to be able to participate in our classes, all you have to do is join/enter the following Facebook group:

Location: At home

We can not wait to see you there! 😊




You need to sign in for TRX, Hot Iron & Fit Ball classes. Please check the timetable before you book! Look for conformation in your Spam folder as well!