How to be more productive during home office?

How to be more productive during HOME OFFICE? 🤔

➡️ Choose the appropriate work environment! Although, the bed could seem a great place and comfortable for this purpose, research has proven, that this can not only result in sleep disturbances, but we are also a lot more productive, if we change our place at home as well. 😇
➡️ Take the most comfortable chair for home office, this way paying attention on the health of your back and spine, but if you can, purchase a standing office desk, a pillow, or fitness ball🤗
➡️ Exercise! 🤗 If it helps, prepare a daily schedule in order to not miss any of your training plans! Exercise will have a good, refreshing impact on your body and mind, but it will help to stay in focus and think or study as well! 🙃
➡️ Do not stop caring about your appearance! 🤭 Research says, that pajamas can not always be the perfect dress-code, as those who keep showering, and always put on clean clothes will feel themselves better and more productive as well! 😄🚿👕
➡️ Keep enjoying yourself! Listen to music, do sports, engage in cooking, join boardgame parties, watch films, draw, hang on the phone, organize online meeting with the friends, or just simply smile! 😊 You cave have something on your schedule all the time, even if you do not have any job to do, or you do not have suffer with distance learning! 🤗😎

Do not let melancholy to win! 🤫🧐
Join our online trainings, or choose from our videos helping in exercising at home, but more importantly, make your day EXTRA special! 🤩

‼ We also hope to see the Everyday Heroes at our online classes, for whom the home-office is not an option, but still have some time and energy left to some trainings with us🤗😊😇🙏