Are you looking for new challenges? Feel free to try out our classes, which run parallel in 4 different fitness rooms! You will definitely find you favorite exercise!

Signing in is only needed for the following classes: TRX, Hot Iron, Fit Ball, which you can easily do on our website!

Would you like to shape your body? 

All of our classes build, shape and form your body. Which one should you choose then? The answer can depend on several things, such as if you have ever done any sports, what is your goal and how fast you would like to reach that, your age and gender, your preferences, weight and possible injuries. Just keep in mind, everyone started somewhere. Take your chance and get into it! We will be by your side along the way! Let us know in case you are interested in personal consultations and sign up on our website!

Are you a beginner?

Choose our BODYFORM class for beginners, YOGA, FIT BALL, or SPINE-EXERCISE!

You have tried aerobic classes so far and you like the way how it goes? 

Our BODYFORM classes follow the newest trends, while also bringing the old, familiar feeling full of joy. Its effectiveness is unquestionable!

Are you looking for something super intense? 

Go for our KANGOO, INSANITY and BOX-CROSS classes!

Being a man, you are seeking some challenges?

You will definitely find what you are looking for in our TRX, G-FLEX, HOT-IRON, BOX-CROSS, INSANITY, or KANGOO trainings. If improving your strength and flexibility are also among your priorities, feel free to try our bodyART and YOGA classes as well.

Are you into a somewhat more calm and low-key feeling?

In this case, select our SPINE-EXERCISE, bodyART, or YOGA classes.




You need to sign in for TRX, Hot Iron & Fit Ball classes. Please check the timetable before you book! Look for conformation in your Spam folder as well!