Everyone is atomically made up with a group of muscles we call our Rectus Abdomonis, or
simply know to many of us as our “6 Pack”. Although for some of us it may be hidden, effectively this is the window dressing on a group of muscles which provide stability and support for the spine and torso. These abdominals are separated by a connective tissue which runs down the middle of our torso.

During pregnancy a large amount of the hormone Relaxin is produced to allow the body to
adapt to changes occurring in pregnancy. The relaxin works by “relaxing connective tissues”.
This allows the abdomen to expand and accommodate the growing uterus.
Many mums notice this as a raised ridge of tummy as the begin to sit up from lying. For many it will be worse around their belly button, as this naturally protrudes through the abdominal wall providing a weak spot.

It is possible to correct this separation with the correct guidance and exercises, for example with RTM. A great way to start is to begin by building up pelvic floor awareness, and strength.
RTM raises awareness to special things after giving birth, so basically to the postnatal period. It pays attention to how pregnant woman feel about their body and soul changeings as well.

What can the program promise?
-it closes the rectus diastasis
-you fel yourself stronger
-smaller ridge of tummy
-better stamina
-backpain goes away
-Stronger perineal muscle
-more self-confidence

Come and join us either if you are just experiencing pregnancy, or you are dealing with an after pregnancy situation. Let’s have fun together!