Start your day with a workout!

In the morning the training is 2 times more efficient than in the afternoon, because the vital
functions are much more active. This fresh, playful training works with different kinds of tools
taking care of the critical zones such as stomach, bottom, waist, inner thigh and outer thigh, and the circulatory system.

Now let’s see what Bodyform actually is in more detail:

Bodyform is a particular aerobics class mainly working on critical zones; such as stomach,
bottom, waist and thigh. Even the prettiest woman can not be satisfied with a bad posture, that is why we do not neglect the muscles of the bust. The lesson starts with a 10 minutes long intensive warm-up and stretching. This part is followed by a functional choreography, that helps bringing your pulse into a fat-burning state. Generally, this section develops coordination and connection between the right and the left side of your brain. Later there is a long program, which improves the main muscle groups. The class uses all kinds of sports tools, talking about either a dumbbell, Xco-trainer, or a rubber band. The intensity of the class is varied depending the guests’ wishes and of course on each and every different trainers, that our gym has among its team members.

To sum it up,
-Changing twirling and strengthening sections
-Big favourite of women
-For every age group
-For people, who are in love challenges
-Opportunity for fast weightloss and well-shaped muscles
-Being part of a motivated team
-Variety in training type
Strain your limits without even recognising it!
Let’s experience this feeling together!

Monday 8:00am, Tuesday 8:00am, Wednesday 8:00am, Friday 8am