Our Kanga-course is perfect for mothers, who along with training would like to get know the safe and healthy form of moving their bodies. Throughout an 8 week program, during each and every week, the classes have a different kind of focus, such as the separation and regeneration of the straight abdominals, the reinforcement and protection of the perineal muscle, learning the secret of the flat stomach, hormonal effects, etc.

So, how does such curse look like?

We meet up regularly for 8+1 weeks on Friday at 9:30 am. After the regenerating gymnastics, we bring together a little group conversation, talking about actual topics, what mothers and women are interested in especially during this life period.

Throughout the classes you can get to know the right way of carrying a baby, you can even try out different baby carriers.

In case of sickness, no worries we take care about replacing your missed class.

Price: 18 000Ft

For participation, do not forget to register on the email address down below.


We also welcome mums who prefer classes occasionally for some similar kind of fun at PreKanga classes! See you there! 馃檪