Why is this training an amazing choice?

Warming up, deduction and stretching are an extremely important part of this class, while there is also an essential focus placed on exercising the perineal muscle, which should be actually built into each and every type of training for women.

 What can you expect:
-A 45-50 minutes of intense training, concentrating on the critical areas and zones (such as the thighs, bottom and stomach)
-Strenghtening the perineal muscle
-Fantastic music and super party feeling

➡️ If you would like to improve  your stamina. but you think it is not yet time for a higher intensity training, then -with or without your child – KangaMom is a perfect choice for you!

You do not have to be afraid, that your rectus diastasis forms again, you do not have to perform exercises, that overload your perineal muscle and yet stil, this type of fitness class effectively shapes the sensitive areas of your body, while improving your stamina as well at the same time.

If you have passed the recovery period after giving birth and you feel, that you are ready for a more challenging workout with instructors, who are trained for the changes of the body and the mind after becoming a mother and pay careful attention to these aspects as well, then Kangatraining is your exercise!

🕘 Monday 9:00

We can not wait to meet all the wonderful Moms out there, who are ready for an amazing fitness exercise! 🙂