This brand new class is offered for people with great varieties of fitness levels, from beginners to professional athletes, as it provides a very complex training. Throughout the practice, there are many different stations, where you may challenge yourself using a colorful set of equipments such as the TRX, G-Flex, kettlebell, Hot Iron, small weights, unstable surfaces and rubber bands. As an addition, the amount of weight and the range of motion is set personally.

Now what can this exiting class give you on a long run?

The exercises combined with the unstable equipments help to develop your static and dynamic balance and are designed to assist you with injury prevention. Concentrating on everyday muscle-groups, we not only increase their strength, but expand the range of motion and develop stamina. Another main focus of the training is working on the muscles of the shoulder, the muscle strains, and core muscles. We dare you to try this class! Feel free to come to us even if you need for some of the exercises to be designed personally for you. Our professional team member will provide you with the most helpful and efficient advices, plus the fun atmosphere of the class will get you in a good mood in just a few seconds. Challenge yourself! Come and have fun!

Every Tuesday and Thursday at 19:30.We can not wait to see you there!