CROSS TRAINING at Fitnexx! 🤩

⏱ Friday 3:30pm, Tuesday 6:30pm! 🤗
But, what should you expect from Cross Training? 🤔
Cross Training is a type of training method, where using elements from a lot of different sports, it is possible to improve a great amount of skills at the same time.
➡️ These are: strength, speed, coordination, stamina, flexibility
✅ By mixing the different type of trainings, we can reach an extremely effective exercise in improving all these skills!
➕ Bonus: It helps creating the right body posture and protecting that as well in the future! 😎
💪 For most of the time, we work using our own body-weight, while other times we also apply some extra equipments, such as medicine balls, ropes, kettlebell, trx, weights and sliders.
🙃 As the classes are different in their complexity, length and difficulty, the trainings can be a perfect choice for everyone.
From beginners to professionals, everyone finds the best training method for his or herself in this type of class. 🙏
We can not wait to see you there! 🤩