I have little children, I can’t leave them alone, can they come with me?
Yes, if they can play alone in the playing corner, while the parents are training.

What is the correct clothing for the lessons?
Wear comfortable clothes, in which you can move perfectly (fitness clothes, short, T-shirt, sweat suit.) You should not wear jeans or street shoes.

What kind of lessons do you offer for beginners?
For beginners we recommend yoga, health exercise and body-forming lessons. There might be movements, which are more difficult, but you can do it in a more simple way.

When will be the effect of the training visible?
It depends on the given situation. If you would like to be stronger, or you would rather prefer to lose some weight.
Somebody who has normal excess kilos, can reach the “tight belly, enormous energy” form.  In order to accomplish this, you need to train regurarly (3-4 times a week) and set up a proper nutrition plan.

Where can I park, if I come with a car?
For our guests, we offer a parking lot just in front of the club.

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