Build your immune system!

Would you like to build your immune system in order for it to better fight against certain environmental factors, such as a particular type of virus?  😏 We brought some tips for you reviewing some valuable scientific sources and asking for advice from real professional doctors, such Dr. Katalin Gőcze! Keeping these little suggestions can help you a lot in protecting your health especially under these special circumstances cause by the current epidemic situation:

1. Do not smoke 🚬 
2. Eat a lot of vegetables and fruits increasing the number of vitamins in your body without having to stand in line at the pharmacy even for a minute😎
3. Exercise regularly! 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️ Feel free to do it inside in your room, or if you have opportunity outside as well… 😴
5. Be careful with the amount of alcohol, except of course if you have decided to create your own hand sanitizer at home 🤭
6. Wash your hands often, and even if it can be hard sometimes, try to keep the necessary cooking time as well! 🙏
7. Reduce stress, find something, which calms you down and relax more frequently! 🤗

We help keep you safe, and by relying on the above mentioned suggestions, you can build the most perfect protection for your health, that you could ever imagine! 🥰🛡 #pushforward


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