Here comes the new video of Péter, and we hope you will all like it as much as we enjoyed it! 😊 We wish you all a Happy International Workers’ Day, and do not forget to exercise during this long weekend either! Enjoy! 🤩🌷 › Read more
The advantages of regular exercise!
What are the advantages of regular exercise? 🙃 Let’s think it through!🤗 ✅ It improves the working of our heart and blood circulation, this way the muscles receive the necessary oxygen and nutrition, resulting in us having more energy! 💪 ✅ Active life strengthens the muscles and joints, while making the ligaments more flexible in order › Read more
How to be more productive during home office?
How to be more productive during HOME OFFICE? 🤔 ➡️ Choose the appropriate work environment! Although, the bed could seem a great place and comfortable for this purpose, research has proven, that this can not only result in sleep disturbances, but we are also a lot more productive, if we change our place at home as well. 😇 › Read more
Exercise at home!
Why should you stand up against all the excuses as “I do not feel like it” or “a little bit later”, if it is about exercise? 🙃 ✅ Now you do not have to sit in the car, as with the help of online trainings, everything is their right in your hands for the perfect › Read more
Think positively!
Are you an optimist as well? 🤔 It is not hard to tell, that the balanced, happy and smiley people can deal with stress more easily, and even get sick less times compared to others! 😮🤩 Positive thinking can be said to be the magnet of happiness, yes, in this period as well! 😊 What does this mean? 🙃 1️⃣ I look › Read more
The positive impact of regular exercise!
Have you ever been thinking, that regular exercise has a lot of physiological effects as well, besides noticeable signs from the outside? 🤔 ✅ Through many different mechanisms, it stimulates the immune system, and places a positive impact on such reactions as inflammations or protecting abilities of the body. 🤭 ✅ Research has found an inversely proportion even between › Read more
Build your immune system!
Would you like to build your immune system in order for it to better fight against certain environmental factors, such as a particular type of virus?  😏 We brought some tips for you reviewing some valuable scientific sources and asking for advice from real professional doctors, such Dr. Katalin Gőcze! Keeping these little suggestions can help you a › Read more
Spinal pain – Would you rather live with it or feel better?
“Instead of exercising regularly, we live with pain, take pills and painkillers, but all this does not make us happy.” – turns out from the current measurements of the National Association of Spine Protectors. You might feel, that your waist hurts so bad, that you would not even want to move, not mentioning exercise, but › Read more
Are you familiar with HOT IRON classes just yet?
We posed some of the most frequently asked questions about HOT IRON to our well-known professional instructor, Norbert Papp. “Under HOT IRON, we can differentiate between 3 types of classes: Hot Iron 1, Hot Iron 2 and Hot Iron Cross. As for my classes, a total Hot Iron cycle lasts for 24 weeks, having 8 › Read more
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