Are you familiar with HOT IRON classes just yet?

We posed some of the most frequently asked questions about HOT IRON to our well-known professional instructor, Norbert Papp.

“Under HOT IRON, we can differentiate between 3 types of classes: Hot Iron 1, Hot Iron 2 and Hot Iron Cross.

  • As for my classes, a total Hot Iron cycle lasts for 24 weeks, having 8 weeks of Hot Iron 1, 8 weeks of Hot Iron 2 and finally 8 weeks of Hot Iron Cross. I always use the newest training program and music arriving straight from Germany. This way, I can guarantee, that whoever chooses to exercise at my classes, can participate in training on a European level, doing the newest programs and the most popular music.
  • Hot Iron 1: A full body training built on exercises high in repetition, being simple and clear improving strength and stamina. At this phase, one can learn the basic exercises and using the correct body posture. Besides shaping the body, we improve dedication and persistence.
  • Hot Iron 2: This is also a part of the training focusing on increasing strength and stamina, but here one can get familiar with more complex movement patterns, more complicated exercises, and technical strategies as well. The class is basically built similarly to Hot Iron 1, except the exercises are all a little bit harder.
  • Hot Iron cross: This is a totally different type of class, it is similar to training in a gym or weight room, but it is faster, more intense and dynamic. In this program, we use more weights and less repetition, and we work in series. This requires even more strength, stamina, and movement coordination, it can be said to be a class rather connected to hypertrophy, improving our maximal dynamic strength.